• The National Center for Tobacco Policy (NCTP) teaches organizations how to develop, implement and sustain a tobacco free environment.
  • Provides assistance to organizations who are considering a tobacco free policy, are becoming tobacco free, or need ongoing support to sustain a tobacco policy.
  • Helps organizations assess the effectiveness of tobacco policy, and identify and address unique challenges associated with the policy.


Forum On Tobacco Policy October 28, 2014

KS CITY AIRPORT MARRIOTT Save the Date! The NCTP is pleased to announce it will continue the national colloquy on tobacco policy it has facilitated through its “Workshops on Tobacco-Free Campus Policy” and “Summits on Tobacco Policy”, since 2005.

Mark your calendars for the NCTP’s Forum on Tobacco Policy, October 28, 2014, at the Kansas City Airport Marriott Hotel. This event will provide opportunity for sharing and learning about how to make campuses tobacco-free. The program will feature discussion on topics such as: purpose(es) of tobacco-free campus policies; achieving compliance through culture change; creating broad support; identifying and overcoming obstacles; social justice; smoke-free vs. tobacco-free; components and timeline of policy implementation, after care and evaluation of policy effectiveness; role of the campus community; and more.

Registration will be limited to assure opportunity for interaction. Presenters and participants will be together in one room throughout the day. The schedule will consist of a series of thirty minute presentations, followed by 5 minute “mind breaks”, and 25 minutes of table top and open discussion. The objective is to create and sustain engagement throughout the day. Those who come to work will benefit most.

Ty Patterson, Ken Dahlgren, and Jenn Sullivan will be the primary facilitators/presenters. They will share their varied experiences with tobacco policy. More information about them and other facilitators/presenters will be made available later.

A highlight of this event is presentation of the NCTP’s Norman Myers Award for Leadership in Tobacco-Free Campus Policy. While President of Ozarks Technical Community College, Dr. Myers had the vision and courage to bring about adoption of a tobacco-free campus policy in December 1999. Last June the first recipient of the Norman Myers Award for Leadership in Tobacco-Free Campus Policy, Dr. Lee Todd, former President, University of Kentucky, who was responsible for his institution becoming one of the first “flagship” universities to make its campuses tobacco-free in 2009, was recognized at the Summit on Tobacco Policy. We are proud to announce Mrs. Jenniferlynn Sullivan will be the second person to receive this prestigious award. Through Jenn’s leadership higher education institutions throughout New York and New Jersey, and elsewhere, have learned how to adopt, implement, and make such policies work. Recognizing those with the courage to help make campuses truly tobacco-free is one of the most important jobs of the NCTP.

Who will benefit from participation in the Forum? Anyone interested in learning about how to make tobacco-free campus policies work will benefit. We’ve had students, faculty and staff from public, private, rural, suburban, urban, large, small, community colleges, colleges, and universities participate. We have also had tobacco policy advocates from city, county, and state health departments attend. And tobacco specialists from non profit advocacy groups have participated. We welcome all who are interested in learning about this policy initiative and who will exhibit respect for others. In the parlance of adult education, we are all learners together. The Forum on Tobacco Policy is a thoughtfully constructed, experience based, highly interactive, opportunity to learn how to make campuses tobacco-free and how to achieve compliance with such policies.

We will have a web site devoted exclusively to the Forum with information about program, venue, registration, and so on. The NCTP web site will have the URL for the Forum web site in the near future. Please help us spread the word about the Forum on Tobacco Policy!

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About The Director

Ty Patterson was the third person hired after OTC was established in 1990. Prior to taking the leadership position in student services he served as Dean of Students at Coffeyville Community College from 1975 to 1985; Consultant on Community College Transfers at Washburn University from 1985 to 1987; Dean of Student Services at Kansas City Kansas Community College from 1987 to 1991. In 1997 Ty Patterson was assigned to “look into getting tobacco off campus” by president Norman Myers.

Ty Patterson led OTC’s tobacco policy initiative to its implementation in 2003. In addition to his duties as Vice President of Student Affairs he directed the Center of Excellence for Tobacco-Free Campus Policy beginning in 2004. In 2008 Patterson retired after 37 years in student affairs but continued to lead the Center of Excellence for Tobacco-Free Campus Policy as part time Director until the establishment of the National Center for Tobacco Policy in December 2010 when he joined the NCTP as the Executive Director. You may email him at:ty@tobaccofreenow.org.

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